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Date: 04/09/23

Keep up to date with Armorgard

  • Show your customers our high-quality products first-hand…

An advantage of working with Armorgard is that we offer a showroom demo kit! This offering allows your customers to touch and feel the strength of Armorgard! A distributor in the Midwest has been using the showroom regularly and achieved excellent results: they’ve sold dozens of boxes, Rubble Trucks and more! Speak to one of our team today and see how Armorgard can enhance your sales.

  • SB48’s are flying out the door!

One of our distributors in the Automotive Heartland sold a huge order of SB48’s to a large general contractor. These will be going towards a multi-billion-dollar EV plant project! The SiteBoss Cabinet is built to last and built to protect, with ultra-secure 14-gauge steel, a multi-spur locking mechanism and anti-tamper joins, perfect for storing tools and equipment on the jobsite.

  • Rubble Trucks on the rise.

Another of our distributors in the Midwest has struck luck: they’ve found the Rubble Truck has become a popular jobsite staple after introducing it to their end users as an alternative to the other plastic options on the market. The Rubble Truck gets the job done quicker, safer, and easier with its 13.5 cu ft capacity, 1650lbs capacity, and built-in tipping feature.

  • Need to crane lift your box? Easy!

The SiteBoss range has made a splash in the market as several of our distributors have found the crane lift ability of the boxes to be a great differentiator and selling point! The SiteBoss range allows crane lifting eyes to be fitted to every box, making it even easier to transport your tools so you can have them where you need them.