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Date: 03/10/22

Transform your jobsite

We get that running a construction project can be complex! So we've pulled together the top 5 products that will make your life simpler on site.

1. CuttingStation 

The unit that has it all… remove the need for a separate cutting room with our CuttingStation, an essential on site for cutting at a safe working height and reducing risks. 

Robust but easy to move with its heavy duty casters, you now have the flexibility to cut lengths of material on site, wherever you need. 

The CuttingStation features a power supply and internal sockets. It also features sound absorbing foam for noise containment, and PVC curtains reducing serious health risks for both workers and the wider public.


2. RubbleTruck 

Moving debris around a jobsite is hard work, not to mention the strain it puts on workers' backs. But with the Rubble Truck you can get the job done quicker and easier. 

Ergonomically designed for maximum performance and efficiency, its robust 14 gauge steel body means it’s engineered for heavy duty use.

Innovative features make the Rubble Truck an indispensable onsite companion, including:

  • It’s 13.5 cu ft capacity makes loading and dumping trash and construction rubble simple
  • It’s built-in tipping feature allowing you to efficiently dispose of waste
  • A loading capacity of 1650lbs meaning the Rubble Truck can take on tough tasks day in, day out

Simply transport it using its full welded crane lifting eyes, or solid puncture proof rubber wheels. 


3. SiteBoss range

We’re no rookie when it comes to jobsite storage. It’s our no.1 priority to keep your livelihoods safe and secure. Design and innovation have come together to deliver a range that deters thieves:

Meet the SiteBoss range:

  • Chest 

  • Piano Box

  • Cabinet

All featuring Armorgards UltraLock security: a locking system that dominates the market. Its multi-spur mechanism interlocks smoothly yet fiercely, its strength is undeniable. Complex innovation made simple: Install your padlock in seconds with a security bolt. 

Confidence is guaranteed with UltraLock.


4. FittingStor

Fed up of unorganized fixtures and fittings slowing you down?

This mobile storage cabinet keeps your fixtures and fittings both organized and secure. Finding exactly what you need to get the job done has never been easier, with 3 sturdy shelves and high capacity bins! The FittingStor will make the running of your jobsite even more efficient and fast paced.


5. Forma-Stor

Forma-Stor is a flat packed yet secure storage container. This quick assembly, modular solution for jobsites can be easily built in as little as 10 minutes!

Security of the Forma-Stor isn’t something to worry about. Designed with our self-engaging T-latch lock, anti-tamper joins and galvanized panels it’s the most robust flat-pack solution on the market.

Level up your Forma-Stor with additional features! They improve safety, security and usability even further!

Any product we manufacture has been carefully designed to take on the tough, day-to-today jobs. Reduce injuries and increase efficiencies today. Speak to one of our team today and see how Armorgard will enhance your jobsite 1-877-794-2848