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Date: 04/11/22

Complex innovation now made simple

We understand the cost of tool and equipment theft, so we’ve created the most secure locking system on the market: UltraLockA high security locking system where undeniable strength meets unrivaled innovation. When the 3-point shackles are engaged with the multi-spur mechanism, they interlock smoothly yet fiercely. Crafted from industrial grade stainless steel hardware, the UltraLock is impossible to release when locked.

Securing your jobsite box shouldn’t take forever, that's why we’ve designed the UltraLock for those always on the move: Install your padlock in seconds with a hardened steel security bolt. And with just a single push of the padlock it’s installed, engaged and your valuables are protected.

Compatible with a multitude of padlocks, so you can be sure security is always available to you!

You’ll find UltraLock exclusively in our SiteBoss range: